The SeaFood Bash

When Friends and Fish Don't Smell After Three Days
By Helena Czepiec and Margie Stevens

Non-fiction, 165 pages, 8 1/2 x 8 1/2  softcover
ISBN: 978-1092644921

Recipies For Nourishing Relationships

Experience the SeaFood Bash, where lifelong friendships are built over food, wine, and play. The SeaFood Bash started in 1976 when we gathered to prepare a lobster dinner in Akron, Ohio. We barely knew each other then. Remarkable, however, we continued to gather under one roof each year for a long weekend. We cook only seafood for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We play mindless games, taste wine, and talk. We share all the cooking, cleanup, costs and fun. Nothing stops us - not death, divorce, nor long-distance relocations. We have become a family of friends. We have been enjoying this tradition for over 40 years.

The SeaFood Bash Books is a memoir of our long-lasting friendship and food based on the SeaFood Bash tradition that we unwittingly created. It is funny, touching and irreverent.

    • Learn how to start your very own friendship tradition.
    • Discover the secrets of how to make it last.
    • Prepare our favorite SeaFood Bash recipes and learn the stories behind them.
    • Reminisce about your own experiences, while laughing and crying along at ours.
    • Eat, Drink, Play.  REPEAT.

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