Naked is the 1995 album by Charley Packard, recorded on a cold winter's night in February at Lorenz Perner's cabin in the woods above Wrenco Loop. When you listen to this recording, you're almost there, too! Enjoy this country folk effort by one of Sandpoint's own beloved singer-songwriters. All songs written by Charley PackardNaked includes these songs:

  1. Ready to Fall
  2. Start a Fire
  3. Hair to Bone
  4. Over the Wall
  5. Shakin' my Bag
  6. Make It All Up to You
  7. Sweet Dream Delight
  8. Detour
  9. Drift into Dreams
  10. Workin' for Love
  11. Safe Harbor
  12. A Child to Be
  13. Planet Earth
  14. Shady Rest

Producer/Engineer Lorenz Perner.

Price: $13.00

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