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February 13 event at Parnell Ranch to launch ‘The Old Apple Tree’

What wisdom can an old apple tree offer – or for that matter, a giant Clydesdale stallion?

A lot, as Jack Parnell can attest. And he’d like to share their wisdom with children everywhere.

Jack Parnell and Old Apple Tree

At top, Jack Parnell with his Clydesdale stallion, Ramsey; above, his new book.

The local author – who served as the acting Secretary of Agriculture for President George Bush and is now operator with wife Michelle of the Parnell Ranch – has just released his second children’s book, “The Old Apple Tree and Friends.” It’s a follow-up to his first children’s book, “My Name is Ramsey: I’m a Clydesdale Stallion,” both published in association with Keokee Publishing of Sandpoint.

And the Parnell Ranch and Keokee Publishing are hosting a launch event to celebrate the arrival of “The Old Apple Tree,” on Saturday, February 13, 2021, from noon-2 p.m. at the ranch in the Selle Valley where the Parnells raise their champion Clydesdale draft horses.

The event is free, and includes a chance for everyone to see the ranch, meet the magnificent draft horses, enjoy a horse-drawn ride, and a cup of warm apple cider – in keeping with the new book, of course. Personalized signed copies of “The Old Apple Tree” and “My Name is Ramsey” will be available for purchase, and contributors to both books will be on hand to meet as well.

“My Name is Ramsey,” released in 2019, struck a chord with readers young and old. It tells of Ramsey’s journey across oceans to become a championship stallion, and his experiences relate a surprising message of faith to young readers that everything happens for a reason and each person is unique and important.

In his new book, “The Old Apple Tree,” Parnell tells of his dream – or is it? – in which the wise old tree in his meadow begins to talk, and tells a story of the importance of farmers, the interconnectedness of the natural world, and how we are all a special part of God’s creation.

Both books are colorfully illustrated by Bonnie Shields; Lon Parnell also contributed his art to “The Old Apple Tree.”

Everyone is invited to the February 13 (12:00 pm – 2:00 pm) launch event and signing at the Parnell Ranch, 4250 Selle Road, Sandpoint; phone or text 208-290-3049. Click for Google map. Copies of both books are available at local retailers, including the Corner Book Store, Vanderford’s, Bonner Books, or here on KeokeeBooks.com. Click to the purchase page.

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