Trails of the Wild Cabinets – Fourth Edition

By Jim Mellen with Dennis Nicholls

Nonfiction, 199 pages, 6" x 9"
Softcover, maps and photos, appendixes

ISBN 978-1-879628-86-1

Now updated in its fourth edition, discover the magnificent beauty of the Cabinet Mountains with the Trails of the Wild Cabinets guidebook! From easy day hikes to multi-day wilderness adventures, this guide provides descriptions for 100-plus trails with charts and maps to easily find hikes for all abilities. Also featured in this third edition is a new guide to trails suitable for mountain bikes.

Sprawling 150 miles across northwest Montana and northern Idaho, the Cabinet Mountains are one of the little-known frontal ranges of the Rocky Mountains. Formed of ancient sedimentary rock and sculpted by massive glaciers during the Ice Age, the Cabinets hold inspiring peaks, breathtaking alpine lakes, unspoiled forests, and rare wildlife.

Useful companion to this book: Trails of the Wild Selkirks

Founder and former publisher of The River Journal newspaper, author Dennis Nicholls worked as a forestry technician and consultant and spent more than 20 years roaming the Cabinets. He died in 2009. Nicholls' guidebooks have since been carried on by his friend and hiking partner Jim Mellen, who is himself an avid hiker and outdoorsman with a love for wild places and their protection.

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