The Old Apple Tree and Friends

By Jack Parnell
Illustrated by Bonnie Shields and Lon Parnell

Fiction, 120 pages, large format, 11" x 8.5"
Softcover, full color
Published in association with Keokee Co. Publishing, Inc.

Ever since he was a young boy growing up on the ranch, author Jack Parnell has imagined the conversation he would have with the wise old apple tree in the meadow. And one day, as he leans up against the tree’s trunk for a rest, as if by magic the tree begins to talk!

Join in the journey as this talking tree shares her humor and her wisdom ... and a message about the importance of farmers, the interconnectedness of the natural world, and how we are all a special part of God's creation.

An excellent book to read to young children, and for older children to enjoy themselves, it is colorfully illustrated by award-winning artist Bonnie Shields, with illustrations also by Lon Parnell.

Author Jack Parnell served as the acting Secretary of Agriculture for President George Bush and is now operator with wife Michelle of the Parnell Ranch in northern Idaho. His first book for children, "My Name Is Ramsey: I'm a Clydesdale Stallion," drew upon his experiences raising championship draft horses and his relationship with one special stallion, Ramsey.

Praise for The Old Apple Tree

"The Old Apple Tree and Friends" is a wonderful, powerful, and never more important story of nature and nurture. In today’s overly connected culture, yet disconnected from nature, appreciation and understanding of our symbiosis with all of creation has too often fallen by the wayside. Jack Parnell pulls from a lifetime of wisdom and understanding grounded in agriculture and food production to beautifully tell this story.  A must-read for children of all ages.

– Ronnie D. Green, Ph.D.
 Chancellor, University of Nebraska–Lincoln

"I love the life lessons and connection to nature in The Old Apple Tree. Jack Parnell reminds us that there is beauty all around us! The perfect family read, and a great follow-up on "My Name Is Ramsey."

– Pam Minick
 RFD TV's Gentle Giants

"It is very fitting that this book is written by someone who has dedicated a major portion of his life serving agriculture. Great book for parents or children."

– Jim Herbert, founder and CEO
 Neogen Corporation

"I compliment you on your creativity. It reminds me of my childhood growing up on a farm loving Angus cattle. Using your old apple tree to tell the story is something many of us can relate to ... Your book will be a learning experience for kids, but also for grown-ups. I'm not sure we all appreciate the abundance that we have, through God's creation. It is truly our responsibility to nurture and protect these resources."

– Jack Block
 Secretary of Agriculture under President Ronald Reagan


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