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Sandpoint’s Early History

A story of how pioneers carved this city out of a wilderness
By Gary L. Pietsch

Nonfiction, 165 pages, 8 1/2 x 11 softcover
ISBN: 978-1697677539

Aptly titled, “Sandpoint’s Early History” begins at the beginning, with the ice age floods of Glacial Lake Missoula, which had their genesis with the giant ice dam that formed at the mouth of the Clark Fork River at current-day Lake Pend Oreille more than 10,000 years ago.

The story quickly progresses to the history of the native peoples and the first white explorer and surveyor David Thompson in 1809. The bulk of the book is devoted to the varied stories of ensuing waves of settlement sparked by miners and ferryboat operators in the early 1800s, steamboat lines in the 1860s, the completion of the first railroad line through here in 1883, platting the original Sandpoint townsite, “stump farmers” and loggers of the early 1900s, up to the blossoming of community with the construction of the City Beach park in the 1950s.

It’s a wide sweep of Sandpoint’s history and – surprisingly – the first book to tell the town history. Author Gary Pietsch is well qualified to tell the story. Former editor and publisher of the Sandpoint News Bulletin, he subsequently was the proprietor of Selkirk Press and now retired. When he isn’t playing golf, he volunteers his time helping at the Bonner County Historical Museum.

Proceeds from the sale of “Sandpoint’s Early History” benefit the museum and historical society.

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The Blues

Natural history of the Blue Mountains of northeastern Oregon and southeastern Washington
By Robert J. Carson
208 pages, hardcover 11″ x 8.5″ coffee-table format. Full-color photographs, maps, and illustrations
ISBN 978-1-879628-54-0

The Blue Mountains, stretching south of Walla Walla into central Oregon, are one of the Pacific Northwest’s iconic mountain ranges. Formed by successive periods of volcanic activity, home to diverse forest and grassland ecosystems, and rich in wildlife, the Blues have long held a special fascination for all who live in and recreate in the range’s embrace.

Now the Blues’ unique natural history is the subject of this new book – the first volume ever to take its readers deep into the story of the range’s creation and history.
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The SeaFood Bash

When Friends and Fish Don’t Smell After Three Days
By Helena Czepiec and Margie Stevens

Non-fiction, 165 pages, 8 1/2 x 8 1/2  softcover
ISBN: 978-1092644921

Recipies For Nourishing Relationships

Experience the SeaFood Bash, where lifelong friendships are built over food, wine, and play. The SeaFood Bash started in 1976 when we gathered to prepare a lobster dinner in Akron, Ohio. We barely knew each other then. Remarkable, however, we continued to gather under one roof each year for a long weekend. We cook only seafood for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We play mindless games, taste wine, and talk. We share all the cooking, cleanup, costs and fun. Nothing stops us – not death, divorce, nor long-distance relocations. We have become a family of friends. We have been enjoying this tradition for over 40 years.

The SeaFood Bash Books is a memoir of our long-lasting friendship and food based on the SeaFood Bash tradition that we unwittingly created. It is funny, touching and irreverent.

    • Learn how to start your very own friendship tradition.
    • Discover the secrets of how to make it last.
    • Prepare our favorite SeaFood Bash recipes and learn the stories behind them.
    • Reminisce about your own experiences, while laughing and crying along at ours.
    • Eat, Drink, Play.  REPEAT.

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Where the Great River Bends

A natural and human history of the Columbia at Wallula
Edited by Robert J. Carson

Nonfiction, 240 pages, 11″ x 8.5″ softcover, full color, 264 illustrations including historic photographs and paintings, index,
road log and bibliographic references

ISBN 978-1-879628-32-8

In Where the Great River Bends, Bob Carson and his colleagues tell a fascinating story through the prism of Wallula, the historic gateway to the Columbia Plateau – a striking land where the forces of geology worked on a spectacular scale, of a desert oasis where Native Americans, explorers, fur traders, promoters and entrepreneurs, and modern-day agriculturalists and wind farmers have all made their mark. Wallula Gap and its signature geologic feature, the Twin Sisters, are notable features left behind by colossal Ice Age floods.

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East of Yellowstone

Geology of Clarks Fork Valley and the nearby Beartooth and Absaroka Mountains
By Bob Carson

Foreword by Don Snow; photography by Duane Scroggins
Nonfiction, 184 pages, 11″ x 8.5″ softcover, road logs, bibliographic references, full color with 138 illustrations including photos and maps

ISBN 978-1-879628-38-0

East of Yellowstone invites the curious into the dramatic geologic beauty of the Clarks Fork Valley just east of the world’s first national park, as guided by geologist and professor Bob Carson. Featuring beautiful images by photographer Duane Scroggins, this book is essential to exploring the geology along roads and trails outside Yellowstone National Park.

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Selkirks Spectacular

A journey on the International Selkirk Loop

By Jerry Pavia and Tim Cady with Ross Klatte

Nonfiction, 180 pages, 11″ x 8.5″ softcover, full color with more than 300 photographs

ISBN 978-1-879628-44-1

A photographic journey encircling the spectacular Selkirk Mountains of northern Idaho, eastern Washington and southeastern British Columbia, Selkirks Spectacular features amazing images by photographers Jerry Pavia and Tim Cady. More than 300 images along with chapters by Canadian Ross Klatte on the history, geology, communities, natural features, attractions, and the flora and fauna showcase this beautiful corner of the earth.

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Sandra Salo Deutchman: Collection of Selected Paintings 1978-2016

Nonfiction, 64 pages, 7″ x 10″
Four color on premium gloss stock

This monograph of the paintings of Sandra Salo Deutchman began, as she writes “as a visual diary, as self-made evidence of what I’ve seen, the places I’ve been and the emotions I’ve felt. As in a diary, you write of intense feelings, experiences and observations… Sometimes what you write tells you things about yourself you would not have known in any other way. So it is when I begin to paint.”

Deutchman is an Emerita Professor of Fine Arts at Washington State University. In her 50-plus years of painting, teaching, lecturing, exhibitions and writing for publication she has lived and worked in Denmark and Australia as well as painting during extended visits to Mexico and Hawaii. She now lives in North Idaho.

The monograph includes reproductions of the artist’s work in acrylic and gouache – most of which are now in private collections. Sandra continues to paint and show her work.

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