Whinny Nicker Neigh: Mountain Mustangs

Written and Illustrated by Shellby Young

Fiction, 46 pages, large format 14″x 11″ hardcover, full color illustrations
Published in partnership with Shellby Publishing.

ISBN 978-1-879628-79-3
Publication date July 2017

This poetic journey takes readers through the seasons with the wild mustangs of central Idaho. Based on the author's personal experiences during two years of visits to the region's herds, it features beautiful large-format illustrations that capture moments in her interactions with the magnificent wild horses.

"Mountain Mustangs" is the second in the "Whinny Nicker Neigh" series of children's books by Shellby Young. Shellby's first volume, "Pony Poetry," features beautiful, fanciful poems and equine illustrations.

Author and illustrator Shellby Young lives in northern Idaho with her husband Will and daughters Audrey and Josephine. Shellby’s earliest and fondest memories are with her horses.

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