Engine 7

Engine 7, the 2006 album by Silver, Wood & Steel, is a full-length, acoustic bluegrass CD featuring old-time music that David Rex and Anthony James Powell played at Silverwood. Finally reunited, their old friend, cohort and fiddle champ, Avery Anderson flew back home to evaluate and lace the rhythm tracks. They finished it all off with great detail and care to the design, graphics and digital mastering of this brilliant CD. Engine 7 includes these songs:

  1. Hitchhiker's Train
  2. Panhandle Thump
  3. Train Song
  4. Engine 7
  5. Wooden Coaster
  6. Traveler's Joy
  7. Minor Duel
  8. Banjo Blues
  9. America the Beautiful
  10. Battle Hymn of the Republic
  11. Auld Lang Syne
  12. Man of Constant Sorrow
  13. Harriet's Favorite
  14. Jesu' East or West
  15. I'll Fly Away
  16. Walk in the Park
  17. Never End

The story of the music goes something like this: The decision was made to record an album of acoustic music using sound effects of all the audible memories Silverwood Theme Park has to offer including: Tremors, and Timber Terror roller coasters; the steam train, Engine 7; and various other memorable sounds. Anthony then crafted custom instruments in the fashion of centennial times, including the American harp guitar and wooden banjo. Some instruments were actually constructed using salvaged mahogany wood from the train itself! Traditional and original songs were then written, arranged and recorded with themes of Victorian Old West/Americana and, even newer “Urban Acoustic.”Manufactured and marketed by Rex James Records. Made in America.


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