Sandpoint Punchline

Sandpoint Punchline is the 2006 film by Sandpoint Films, the culmination of a group of locals, working with a few professionals (very few) to create a comedy of short vignettes (dramatized jokes) mostly about everyday encounters in commonplace situations. Take a bit of Saturday Night Live, throw in the backwoods of North Idaho, season it with a pinch of Laugh-In, and wha'cha get is Sandpoint Punchline.

The idea for the film came from a workshop on the filmmaking process put on by a 40-year veteran of Hollywood, Ted Parvin. Ted took a script to his longtime writing associate, Ricardo Selliegman, who tied the jokes together, added some piss and vinegar and, voila, out came a screenplay. An all-volunteer group who wanted hands-on experience in the filmmaking process created this film with Ted's guidance.

This was a true community effort that involved more than 200 people from the Sandpoint area who gave their time, energy, products and equipment. Thus was born Sandpoint Films, DBA Sandpoint Moving Image Productions, a nonprofit company whose purpose is to provide education and hands-on experience in the art of movie making to our community.

As Ted put it at the premiere: "When you look at what you had to work with and the fact that there was no budget, only what the crew, cast and local businesses donated, it's a fantastic bit of filmmaking. The acting is wonderful, the photography is very good and some of the jokes are even funny."

So whether you laugh at us or with us, sit back, relax and enjoy Sandpoint Punchline. (If you're not in this film, you probably know someone who is.)

Price: $15.00

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