Walking on Water

Walking on Water is the 2008 CD by Sandpoint singer/songwriter Dawnya Clarine. In this release, you're treated to a fun mix of jazz, pop, reggae and soul. She delivers up positive messages with her sultry, laid-back voice. Walking on Water includes these songs:

  1. Breathe in Love
  2. Tell Me
  3. Why Am I
  4. Walking on Water
  5. He's Free
  6. Is There Time
  7. Man on the Corner
  8. Stop Tryin' So Hard
  9. Opposites Attract
  10. Could It Be More
  11. Little Girl Blue
  12. He's a Cat
  13. Beautiful Eyes

Walking on Water features Michael Thompson, Chris Lynch, Mitchell Fullerton, Bob Staggs and Tom Fears. Produced by Dawnya Clarine, Tim Martin and Mitchell Fullerton.

Price: $15.00

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