Climber’s Guide to North Idaho and the Cabinet Wilderness

By Thaddeus Laird

Nonfiction, 224 pages, 6" x 9"
Softcover, 108 illustrations, 6 technical route topo maps, 62 photographic route overlays, 2 appendixes and 2 indexes, by route name and by rating

ISBN 978-1-879628-30-4

Climber and writer Thaddeus Laird rendered his years exploring the region's rock crags and alpine peaks into the region’s most comprehensive climbing guide yet, Climber's Guide to North Idaho and the Cabinet Wilderness. Laird followed after gurus Chris Kopczynski, John Roskelley and Randall Green to dig deeper into this unruly landscape of empty ranges and unclimbed routes.

Climb the crags and the peaks of North Idaho and the Cabinet Wilderness

Divided into three main sections, Climber's Guide to North Idaho and the Cabinet Wilderness covers climbs in the granite crags of Post Falls and Laclede, the rocky backbone of the Selkirk Crest and the stunning high country of the Cabinet Mountains Wilderness Area. A bonus section offers up a smattering of "Honorable Mentions" found on the shores of Lake Pend Oreille, the rugged landscape around Priest Lake and points in between. Plus there are two appendixes and two indexes.

In this successor to “Idaho Rock” – North Idaho’s first rock climbing guidebook – climber and writer Thaddeus Laird has rendered his years exploring the region’s rock crags and alpine peaks into the region’s most comprehensive climbing guide yet. Canvassing both popular and little-known climbing areas, climbing scores of named and unnamed routes and snapping more than 1,500 photographs, Laird also collected data from other climbers as well as the unflappable Randall Green himself, author of the original “Idaho Rock.” The result is a smart, up-to-date guide to the region’s top climbs.

- 13 different climbing sites identified
- 254 separate climbing routes described
- 62 photographic route overlays
- 6 technical route topo maps
- 108 illustrations total, 2 appendixes and 2 indexes

The author created all the photographic route overlays and technical route maps, ensuring their accuracy and usability.

An inveterate traveler and mountaineer, Thaddeus Laird is a freelance author and copywriter who has been published in numerous outdoor magazines, on and a travel anthology titled “The Best Travel Writing of 2007.” See his website at

Praise for Climber's Guide to North Idaho and the Cabinet Wilderness

“Thaddeus Laird has opened the door to a climbing region only a handful of adventurous souls have been privileged to enjoy. It’s an area of remote peaks, high mountain lakes, grizzly bears, vine alder bushwhacks, mosquitoes, sudden lightning storms and serpentine hand cracks slicing Selkirk granite. Welcome to our world.”

John Roskelley
Mount Everest veteran, author, photographer and lecturer

“Author Thaddeus Laird's new guide updates forgotten and out-of-print route information and reminds climbers of the wondrous granite faces hidden in North Idaho's fabulous back- and front-country. Additionally Laird's new book offers a tantalizing list of new lines to explore in the Selkirk and Cabinet backcountry.”

Randall Green 
Author of “Idaho Rock” and “Rock Climbing Montana” and co-author of “Bugaboo Rock”


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