May 21

Three new titles focus on Inland Northwest

SANDPOINT, ID–Keokee Books, the small press in Sandpoint, Idaho, that publishes nonfiction natural history, history and guide books, has three new titles focusing on the Inland Northwest.

Selkirks Spectacular is a photographic journey encircling the spectacular Selkirk Mountains of northern Idaho, eastern Washington and southeastern British Columbia. The 180-page book features amazing images by photographers Jerry Pavia and Tim Cady, along with chapters by Canadian Ross Klatte on the history, geology, communities, natural features, attractions, and the flora and fauna showcase this beautiful corner of the earth.

Mike Reeb’s Inland Salish Journey offers the most comprehensive history yet of the fascinating fur trade era and the interactions between the Inland Salish and new arrivals from 1800 to 1877. The 318-page book is drawn from source documents as well as journals, manuscripts and early published works.

And finally, Many Waters is a testament to the beauty of an extraordinary place – the Walla Walla Valley and vicinity. The 224-page book examines the natural history of this remarkable region, one that American Indians called Wallah Wallah, or Many Waters. Included are paintings by Northwest landscape artist Leslie Cain, plus essays, photography, poetry and more.

Keokee Books is an imprint of Keokee Co. Publishing, Inc., of Sandpoint, Idaho. Founded in 1990, Keokee Co. is a specialty publisher of books and magazines about “our place in the world.”

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