Upper Columbia Fur Men: The First Arrivals Onward

By Mike Reeb

History, 294 pages; 6" x 9"


In this sequel to his first book, “Inland Salish Journey: Fur Trade to Settlement,” author Mike Reeb delivers an authoritative account of the French-Canadian fur trade era, tracking the careers of the pioneer "fur men" in the primitive Northwest from 1800-1870.

With illustrations, maps, and rare photographs, Reeb documents the trappers’ quest for furs – an adventurous and risky enterprise that often resulted in accidents, disease, and violent deaths for the trappers, as well as both conflicts and harmony with the indigenous peoples of the frontier.

Included as a special section in the appendix is "The Upper Columbia Pioneer Trappers," supplement, featuring the biographies of four men who were the first to rove the region for furs.

Author Mike Reeb has devoted more than two decades researching the history of the fur trade – as well as more than a half century as a trapper himself, following the footsteps of the mountain men. A resident of Ponderay, Idaho, the career forester – along with his wife, Joy – has revisited many key Northwest locations of the fur traders and indigenous peoples. For history buffs, Reeb’s passion and vast knowledge of the subject matter are now documented for all to enjoy.

Price: $19.50

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