Wingshooting the Palouse

Pursuing American Upland Tradition from Eastern Washington

by Bradly A. Trumbo
Non-fiction, 180 pages, 6" x 9", softcover

Wingshooting the Palouse is a heartfelt collection of essays on upland bird hunting with Llewellin setters running the grasslands of Eastern Washington and beyond. From covey birds on the sage-steppe to forest grouse, Trumbo presents grand vistas, high-tailed points, and the explosive flush of some of America’s most sought-after upland game birds in ornate detail. Passionate upland pursuits place the reader in the scene to experience the colors of the landscape, the giddy anticipation of the flush, and the heart-stopping rush of wingbeats. Building the hunter/canine partnership, tasting wingshooting perfection, enjoying mystifying mistakes, and embracing cultural history make up a fraction of the ground covered among the pages of this collection that is sure to resonate with any upland hunter.

Brad Trumbo is a professional fish and wildlife biologist, award-winning author, and an active member with Pheasants Forever (Life Member), the Backcountry Hunters and Anglers, and the Northwest Outdoor Writers Association. From his Waitsburg, Washington home, he contributes the Palouse Outdoors column to The Waitsburg Times, the Upland Pursuits column to the East Oregonian, Baker City Herald, and La Grande Observer, and to the occasional magazine and Harvesting Nature.

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